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CFO Services

With our outsourced CFO services in Mumbai, we help you manage your finance function effectively right from putting in place the best financial strategy, funding arrangements to operational aspects like book keeping, compliance, incorporation and set- up services through our CFO consulting firm

Accounting Services

How does this benefit you?

A strong accounting framework is at the foundation of an organisations' journey towards achieving its growth objectives. Timely and accurate accounts helps you in

  • Accessing real time information for informed decision making
  • Prevent and detect frauds resulting in significant savings
  • Monitoring actual performance against financial goals

Book Keeping

How does this benefit you?
  • Setup the accounting policies and procedures
  • Payment processing as per client approvals including statutory payments
  • Real-time accounting as per the SLA
  • Reconciliations and ageing of Customers and Vendors
  • Ind-AS, US GAAP & IFRS Reporting
  • Reconciliation of intercompany/ int

Financial Reporting

How does this benefit you?
  • Monthly accounts closing
  • Analysis of major expenses
  • Monthly balance sheet, P&L, Cash flow statements
  • Ratio Analysis of KPIs


How does this benefit you?
  • Daily / weekly dashboards covering
    Fund status
  • Monthly performance reports, including analysis as per agreed KPIs
  • Budget Vs Actual performance reports
  • Assistance in automation of dashboards and reports
  • Reporting for the board

Audit Assistance

How does this benefit you?
  • Liaison with the audit team for requirement understanding and query resolution
  • Compliance with applicable accounting standards – US GAAP, Ind-AS, IFRS
  • Preparation of books, balance sheet, profit and loss, schedules and notes
  • Internal controls checks and compliance
  • Tax computation, ESOP computation, Compliance checks

Compliance Management

How does this benefit you?

The world of compliance has changed significantly over the past decade with plethora of regulations and with the Govt trying to enforce compliances with aid of technologies, it has become an imperative for every business to ensure that they are not caught on the wrong foot. With our expertise on laws and regulations we help you to

  • Be fully confident of the fact that the company is compliant
  • Reduce penalties and interest arising out of non-compliances
  • Helps focus on business rather than fight compliance cases
How does this benefit you?
  • Compliances managed
    • GST Compliance
    • Income Tax
    • Secretarial
    • FEMA and RBI Regulations
    • Labour law compliance management
  • Compliance dashboards
  • Mergers and demergers

Financial Management

One of the main purpose of any business is to maximise the return on its investment balancing risks vs returns, ensure hard earned money is not lost and take well informed investment decisions. As business evolves, the initial philosophy of funding and working capital management may no longer be relevant and thus a constant vigil by finance experts are critical to ensure the company continues to grow profitably

With our well qualified and experienced experts your company’s finances will be in safe hands giving you the freedom to go after the opportunities your business presents

What do we do for you?
How does this benefit you?
  • Planning, Budgeting and Forecasting
  • Monitoring actuals vs forecast and necessary action
  • Key Performance Indicators with targets
Working capital and treasury management
  • Working capital and treasury management
  • Cashflow – Projections & Alerts
  • Setting up funding arrangements with banks or financial institutions
  • Cash Flow monitoring - weekly/monthly
  • Periodic submissions(CMA data etc) to banks
  • Renewal and reporting of existing facilities with financial institutions
Funds infusion
  • Assistance in raising debt or equity capital
  • Renegotiate existing arrangement

Incorporation and Set-up

How does this benefit you?

We help you set up your organisation with the right type of legal entity – Company or LLP based on specific study of your organisation structure and growth plans. This would help to keep you adopt an approach with is most suitable for you.

Besides setting up the entity, we recognise that there are multiple other licenses and registrations that the organisation needs in order to be fully operational and in compliance with the regulations. We help you plan the entire process such that you do not waste any time in launching your business from the word go.

What do we do for you?

  • Company/ LLP incorporation
  • PAN No, Shops and Establishment and other licenses
  • DIN for Directors
  • Labour law registrations as applicable
  • RBI/ FEMA compliance for foreign/ NRI funding
  • Director Services
  • Office location services