Manage your finance function effectively right from putting in place the best financial strategy, maintaining a lean and efficient finance team supporting business in its goals, and running a strong accounting and compliance process.

Industry Experts with 60+ Years of Aggregate Experience

Our CFOs have lead large finance functions across MNCs and Indian conglomerates

Strong Program Management Skills

We are adept at driving initiatives and run the program from design to implementation organisation wide across stakeholders and geographies

Advanced Business Intelligence

Our unique BI solution with entire MIS on click of a button is excellent value for money

Inhouse Technology Experts to Drive Productivity

Our tech experts drive automation to improve productivity for a lean and efficient finance team

About Leadge

At LEADGE, we believe in helping our clients achieve their growth objectives through our deep consulting and technology expertise. We believe in being a trusted partner in the journey of transformation of our clients’ business strategies and operations.

Our Services

Financial Strategy
Financial Strategy
Financial Management
Financial Management
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Accounting Services
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Compliance Management
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Incorporation and Set-up
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Business Intelligence Solution

Core Team Members

Mohan Ramaseshan

Mohan Ramaseshan

Chartered Accountant

Chartered Accountant by profession, Mohan has over 23 years of experience in running large finance functions. He has implemented complex systems and technology solutions designs using Six Sigma approaches. Mohan is an Accenture alumni and has also worked for MNCs, startups, and other Indian corporates. He works closely with the senior management of organizations helping them establish tech-led strong business processes.

Ajay Ghose

Ajay Ghose

Associate Director
Cost Accountant

Ajay has over 24 years of experience in running large finance functions and designing new systems and processes. He is a qualified CMA and has done executive management program from IIMB and LBS. He has a robust knowledge of finance, accounts, taxation, corporate laws, and other regulations. He has led ERP implementation projects and was instrumental in the implementation of complex business solutions.

Amol Tamhane

Amol Tamhane

Associate Director
Chartered Accountant

Amol has 19 years of experience in operating large finance functions. He is a qualified Chartered Accountant and a Certified Information Systems Auditor (CISA). He has expertise in IFRS, Taxation, and other regulations. He revels in study, design & implements business processes with specific emphasis on automated solutions (including ERP implementation)

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Benefits to the organisation


Elevate your business strategies, financial outcomes, operations, business expansion, and customer satisfaction from the experts with 60+ years of experience with a proven track record.

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Few of the Case Studies


  • Cost leakages due to inadequate controls and systemic processes
  • Redundant MIS reports.
  • Lack of senior finance professionals with strategic perspectives
  • High attrition rate in finance high manual processes


  • Ensuring zero revenue leakage
  • Improved cost controls
  • Clear visibility of financial performance.
  • Improved utilisation of resources
  • Improved efficiency and productivity
  • Released promoter bandwidth


  • Lack of strong finance leadership
  • Lack of business forecasts and action plans to achieve management objectives
  • No monthly reporting of financials and other MIS
  • Low investment in Technology relative to size of organization
  • Poor compliance with finance regulations and other allied laws


  • Strong business intelligence systems driving day – to – day organizational decisions
  • Strong financial leadership and strategic direction
  • Completely complaint with all applicable laws with regular audit checks
  • Strong foundation for BI through realtime accounting systems


  • Lack of finance leadership at the subsidiary
  • Parent not having adequate confidence in finance deliverable
  • Delay in monthly financials
  • Delay in statutory compliances
  • Complex and manual processes
  • Lack of clarity on India operations


  • Timely reporting of monthly financials
  • Improvement in quality of reports with analysis & insights
  • Improved working capital helped timely payments
  • Timely payments helped in speeding project execution and getting better discounts
  • Support on business strategy and organizational changes
  • Improved coordination between local and HO teams
  • Helped in reducing duplicate and wasteful activities
  • Building trust between India office and HO
  • Timely statutory compliance within defined SLA
  • Economical to the MNC client to have the expertise of CFO


  • High employee turnover at all levels in F&A Function
  • Unstable systems and processes
  • Too many open ends for pan India operations
  • Frequent changes in business plan and dynamics
  • Challenging Angel / PE investors
  • Need for regular funding for expansion of operations
  • Promoter bandwidth consumed on daily fire fighting


  • Provided stability & flexibility to the Finance team
  • Released promoter bandwidth managing finance as an independent function
  • Strong finance controlling process established
  • Clear business plans and monitoring systems established
  • Meticulously managed compliances for fund raise


  • Transitioning to new GAAP rules and regulations under IND AS framework
  • Client had to complete the work in very limited time with sign off from its Big 4 audit firm
  • Client team had less exposure to Ind-AS rules and regulations


  • IND AS detailed impact assessment completed and communicated to stakeholders within tight timelines
  • IND AS compliant Financials prepared along with all the requisite notes to accounts, other schedules & relevant disclosures.
  • New process and system requirements identified with stakeholder sign-offs
  • Helped the auditors in timely completion of the audit w.r.t. IND AS compliance check.
  • Knowledge & expertise gap was bridged.
  • Cost effective option as compared to availing the same service from big 4
  • Staff resource & their time were used effectively for other important tasks.
  • Routine tasks were not affected.
  • Statutory compliance met within short period of time.