Redesigning Operations for a Project Manufacturing Company


  • Overall delay in client delivery and project installation
  • Absence of Project progress tracking mechanism
  • No Project wise profitability assessment
  • Person dependent process
  • Different ERP Systems leading to duplicate activities

How we helped

  • Complete mapping of the existing processes
  • Identification of the weak areas by design and process using FMEA technique
  • Diagnosed key weaknesses in project execution from design to execution
  • Mapped all key activities by person responsible/ accountable using RACI charts
  • Identification of duplicate and redundant activities thereby improving productivity
  • Delivered high level roadmap for achieving the suggested improvements
  • Identification of people dependent processes and suggested organizational changes
  • Suggested strategic actions for improvement in sales and expansion
  • Weekly governance with Senior Management


  • Changed design to reduce project execution lead time by approx. 150%
  • Suggested changes in project organization to reduce dependency on individuals
  • Improved project governance mechanism
  • Use of technology for better monitoring, including BI Solutions
  • Suggested changes in the ERP to eliminate use of parallel systems an avoid duplicacy
  • Reduction of 50% accounting staff and use them for more productive purpose
  • Suggested improvement in return on surplus funds
  • Opened doors for expansion and diversification.