Managing Finance Function of a Startup


  • High employee turnover at all levels in F&A Function
  • Unstable systems and processes
  • Too many open ends for pan India operations
  • Frequent changes in business plan and dynamics
  • Challenging Angel / PE investors
  • Need for regular funding for expansion of operations
  • Promoter bandwidth consumed on daily fire fighting

How we helped

  • On-boarding as CFO and deployed additional resources for finance function
  • Complement the in-house team to cope up with pendency
  • Simultaneously assessed the design and process gaps
  • Redesigned and realigned the process to build-in necessary controls
  • Communication with the field teams across India on process changes and hand-holding
  • Became part of the cross functional teams in addressing issues and proactively deal with new circumstances
  • Strategic support on all key business decisions by Promoters
  • Ensure timely report to the board and investors
  • Managed audits and statutory compliances on a timely manner
  • Managed IT Assessment and Appeals with the counsel
  • Managed multiple rounds of fund raise –
    • Assistance in preparation on Business Plan
    • Managing the Due Diligence process
    • Managed all compliance reg CP & CS
  • Assistance of CFO on the call to promoters
  • Complemented with additional resources to deal with employee churn or special tasks


  • Provided stability & flexibility to the Finance team
  • Released promoter bandwidth managing finance as an independent function
  • Strong finance controlling process established
  • Clear business plans and monitoring systems established
  • Meticulously managed compliances for fund raise