Investigation task for an E-commerce company


  • Client lost all financial data during the data migration process as its server crashed.
  • Numbers in financials were not backed up due to which data and audit was a huge challenge
  • Reconstruction of the financial data & analysis of the same.
  • A large volume of transactions to be analysed within a short timeframe.
  • Unavailability of technically sound & functional staff to resolve the above issue.
  • Risk of Revenue leakage due to reconciliation mismatch.

How we helped

  • Through understanding of business process through SIPOC model, we created an
    integrated solution bringing in various external data sources together to facilitate
  • Based on the above logic excel template was developed to generate an actual result which should
    have been generated by the system, which helped in the reconstruction of the financial data.
  • Detailed analysis & comparison of the bank account statements, other external evidences, the
    reports generated from the transaction software was done to reconcile each data & find the


  • Reconciliation mismatch differences were identified with pinpoint accuracy well before the
    committed timeline
  • Our in-house IT team, enabled to process huge amount of data quickly through automation &
    writing a custom query to generated required reports.
  • Helped the auditors in timely completion of the audit without any audit qualifications w.r.t. the
    Revenue leakage due to reconciliation mismatch.
  • Cost-effective option as compared to availing the same service from big 4.
  • Routine tasks were not affected.
  • Staff resource & their time were used effectively for other important tasks.