Financial Modelling for Raising Equity


  • Company in urgent need of equity needed a strong financial plan to be presented to investors.
  • Lack of expertise and bandwidth in the finance team to build up a finance model required by the investors.
  • Limited timeframe to convert the business plan in to Financial Statements for next 5 years based on the revenue and cost derived based on the model.

How we helped

  • Our work involved detailed discussions with management and business leads on the business and geographical segments, key drivers, KPIs, key growth metrics, cost structure and marketing plan.
  • We studied research reports of leading analysts of the sector to gain understanding of the growth of the sector in terms of pricing, quality, new market geographies for the near future.
  • Multiple revenue models were built for each business segments covering various assumptions and scenarios with flexibility to play around important metrics and create multiple scenarios.
  • Direct costs were modelled on revenue and headcount and the indirect costs were modelled on major heads with individual drivers and analysis of historical costs.
  • New areas for investment were identified using a BI tool considering the competitor geographies in the same. Investment modelling for assets was based on past experiences and a growth rate of increase over a period was considered in the same.
  • Multiple discussions and potential Q&A analysis were built to ensure loose ends are tied up.


  • Financial projections with all assumptions and detailed modelling were delivered to the customer in tight time frame.
  • A flexible template was built to bake in any change that may be needed on various parameters.
  • The financial model doubled up as a budgeting tool for the organisation.