ERP System Design, Study & GAP Analysis for a Large Distributor of Pharmaceutical & Health Care Products in OMAN


  • Company’s current systems were not able to match the scale and complexity of its operations which had multiple departments and business verticals
  • Significant manual processes was impacting operational speed and efficiencies
  • Lack of self-service capabilities for end-users due to limitations in the legacy system thereby increased dependency in the IT team for requisite information, reports from the ERP
  • Bottlenecks caused in business processes due to ERP which significantly impacted critical operations like dispatch & tracking of shipments to customers.
  • Inability to get timely information about operations due to performance issues in ERP
  • Inadequate system controls leading to cash flow issues.
  • Company was in a dilemma in evaluating whether to continue with Legacy ERP system with a major overhaul or implement a new ERP like SAP or Oracle

How we helped

  • We performed a thorough evaluation of the current systems design vis-à-vis complexity and scale of operations.
  • Based on the business understanding, systems walk-through GAP analysis was performed for AS-IS and TO-BE processes.
  • Recommended the following:
    • Dispense with the legacy system & replace with a robust ERP – SAP or Oracle
    • Implement missing systems & strengthen inadequate systems either as part of the core ERP or with good bolt-on solutions
    • Changes in the business processes to bring remove redundancy & to align with usage of the ERP in efficient way
  • Drove the entire engagement as a Program, covering planning, execution, co-ordination with all stakeholders and ensuring timeliness.


  • Recommendations and roadmap to build a robust integrated ERP Solution to address all business needs, processes, reporting, controls and validations thus improving operational efficiencies
  • We identified scope to reduce the manual process by 60% & manual records by 85%
  • Our work helped in identifying Significant System & Process Gaps for management analysis & evaluation which was critical for further implementation of the Project.