ERP Implementation for a Food Processing Company


•  Company’s legacy system did not cover key processes of company viz. production, inventory, and R&D
•  Legacy system did not have strong controls and workflows
•  There were broken processes and controls and validations were not strong
•  Legacy system was not tracking all key KPIs
•  Internal team was not geared up to develop detailed design and functional documentation for ERP implementation
•  Internal team not geared up to support migration planning and go-live

How we helped

•  Detailed study of business model, processes involved, current usage of legacy systems, manual workflows
•  Identification of key metrics and data needed to monitor the metrics
•  Detailed design of to-be processes with workflows, controls, validations and data points
•  Detailed plan of ERP implementation including set up, migration, testing, cut-over and go-live
•  Complete program management with ERP vendor, management and internal stakeholders to coordinate development of required design, resolving road blocks and brainstorming alternatives
•  Design and set up of users and their access based on roles
•  Set up of master data, retrieving information from legacy system, user inputs for data gap
•  Design of layouts and reports from ERP
•  Correction of existing legacy data to suit new ERP set up migration
•  Migration of opening balances with validations and testing
•  Functional training to users on the new ERP
•  Creation of test scenarios for designing UAT cycle and count
•  UAT support, feedback and resolution of bugs and errors in ERP
•  Go-live and post go-live stabilisation


•  ERP addressed all business needs, processes, reporting, controls and validations as a result of strong design and implementation
•  Timely implementation as per planned timelines
•  Clear communication with ERP vendor on requirements and less costs and efforts spent in implementation
•  Impact on regular operations was very minimal due to significant saving in bandwidth of staff in implementation of ERP
•  Management did not spend any bandwidth on ERP implementation which otherwise would have taken significant time of them