CHAMPIONS Portal for MSME : One Stop Solution For MSME’s

Objective : To assist MSMEs in India to march them into the big league as national and global champions.

MSMEs play an important role in the Indian economy. Presently MSMEs contribute 29% of the India’s GDP and provide 15 crore jobs. MSME sector is the largest employer. But they face innumerable challenges, like capital for procuring plant & machinery, working capital, complicated tax and labour compliances, marketing of their produce and competition from large businesses. MSMEs have the potential to contribute important role in the Aatmanirbhar Bharat Mission and reducing the unemployment substantially.

Understanding the potential of the MSME sector Government is aiming to increase the contribution of MSME sector to 50% in the next 5 years. Therefore Government is creating one stop shop solution for MSME to provide assistance and address the grievances without running various authorities. A web portal ‘CHAMPIONS’ (, a tech-driven control room-cum-management information system, was launched by the Ministry of Micro, Small Medium Enterprises (MSME), Government of India on 1st june,2020 as a part of its effort to support enterprises.

The CHAMPIONS stands here for (Creation and Harmonious Application of Modern Processes for Increasing the Output and National Strength)

As the name suggests, the portal is for making the smaller units big by solving their grievances, encouraging, supporting, helping and handholding.

Three basic objectives of the CHAMPIONS :

  1. Support: To help the MSMEs in this difficult situation in terms of finance, raw materials, labour, permissions, etc.
  2. Explore: To help them capture new opportunities like manufacturing of medical accessories and products like Personal Protection Equipments (PPEs), masks, etc.
  3. Promote: To identify the sparks, i.e., the bright MSMEs who can not only withstand but can also become national and international champions.


It is a technology driven Control Room-Cum-Management Information System which utilises modern information and communication technology (ICT) tools.

  1. In addition to ICT tools including telephone, internet and video conference, the system is enabled by Artificial IntelligenceData Analytics and Machine Learning.
  2. It is also fullyintegrated on a real time basis with the Government of India’s main grievances portal Centralized Public Grievances Redress and Monitoring System (CPGRAMS) and the Ministry’s other web based mechanisms.
  3. The entire ICT architecture is created in house with the help of the National Informatics Centre.


A network of control rooms is created in the Hub & Spoke Model.

  1. TheHub is situated in New Delhi in the Secretary MSME’s office.
  2. The spokeswill be in the States in various offices and institutions of the Ministry.


Key Takeaway :

  • This ICT based system is set up to help the MSMEs in present difficult situation and also to handhold them to become national and international champions.
  • Speedy redressal of problems of MSMEs including those of finance, raw materials, labour, regulatory permissions etc particularly in the Covid created difficult situation.
  • MSME’s can capture new opportunities, including manufacturing of medical equipments and accessories like PPEs, masks, etc and supply them in National and International markets.
  • This will also help to identify the potential MSMEs who are able to withstand the current situation and can become national and international champions.


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