Transformation – Dealers Claim Process


  • High cost of Management of Dealers Claim Process that involves around 5000 claims per month needing 35 FTEs
  • High TAT (of 45 days) for Claim processing
  • High risk of human error due to manual process

Recommended Solution

  • Thorough study of as-is process to indetify risks and inefficiencies
  • Stakeholder and what-if analysis to understand control gaps and areas of improvement
  • Recommended redesigned process leveraging web-based automation solution addressing key risks and areas of inefficiencies


  • Potential for cost saving of INR 75 lakhs to 100 lakhs
  • Potential for reduction of TAT by 70%
  • Complete paper – less claim process
  • Improved Dealer satisfaction index due to faster & hassle-free claim settlement