Improvement – Manufacturing Process


  • Variance in material consumption
  • Product rejection by quality control
  • Irregular process cycle time
  • Waste of time and resources

Recommended Solution

  • Shop floor study of entire manufacturing cycle of 5 batches.
  • Physical weighment of all raw materials & intermediates as per the BOM of the production order.
  • Variance observed between actual consumption with BOM, deviation reported to technical team for assessing the impact.
  • In Correct raw material consumption observed.
  • Time & Motion study done for the men and machine.
  • Rejection reasons analysed and cost for reworking of the batches done.


  • Critical analysis report submitted for variance in material consumption
  • 3% raw material saving in the material cost achieved by correcting the material consumption discipline.
  • Cost of reworking the rejected batches submitted to plant management. On an average batch cost increases by 5-8% and necessary awareness program conducted for cost consciousness
  • Reward and recognition recommended for improvement in the productivity.