CFO Services for a large distributor


  • Lack of strong finance leadership
  • Lack of business forecasts and action plans to achieve management objectives
  • No monthly reporting of financials and other MIS
  • Low investment in Technology relative to size of organization
  • Poor compliance with finance regulations and other allied laws

Recommended Solution

  • Setup a strong finance leadership and Second – in – command.
  • Strengthened accounting processes to ensure real-time accounting
  • Moved organisation to a strong ERP and developed automated BI reports
  • Setup an internal audit Framework and arrested inventory management issues
  • Arrested compliance issues and set up a monitoring mechanism
  • Developed detailed insights into various business segments which in turn lead to developing actionable business plans
  • Organised working capital for the Compnay at favorable terms and conditions Regular governance meetings management


  • Strong business intelligence systems driving day – to – day organizational decisions
  • Strong financial leadership and strategic direction
  • Completely complaint with all applicable laws with regular audit checks
  • Strong foundation for BI through realtime accounting systems