Audit assistance for an E-commerce company


  • Cost leakages due to inadequate controls and systemic processes
  • Redundant MIS reports.
  • Lack of senior finance professionals with strategic perspectives
  • High attrition rate in finance High manual processes

Recommended Solution

  • Setup a strong finance leadership and a support team working closely with management and the internal finance team
  • Designed and implemented control framework to plug the leakages, includes implementation of procurement process, 3-way mapping of client contracts to deliverables and invoicing
  • Redefined the business metrics to give better insights into financial performance by business segments
  • Analysed, redesigned & simplified reporting formats with drill-down approach for


  • Ensuring zero revenue leakage
  • Improved cost controls
  • Clear visibility of financial performance.
  • Improved utilisation of resources
  • Improved efficiency and productivity
  • Released promoter bandwidth