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ERP Optimisation

If you have implemented an ERP and still wondering why the results are not there to see, you are not alone. There are common mistakes organisations make while they implement ERP which prevents them from realising ERP’s true potential. Our ERP Optimisation consultants have developed an ERP correction and optimisation program that has helped many organisations set this right and re-engineer their operations.

ERP Optimisation

Many organizations make investments in ERPs without completely mapping their requirements and / or making necessary changes to the processes that complement the new ERP. There may also be inadequate user training. Sum effect of all of these aspects is that the investment in ERP does not yield the results it was expected. Worse, the ERP becomes a strain on the process rather than smoothening the process.

How does this benefit you?

The investment made in ERP is salvaged by optimizing the ERP usage by making necessary corrections in ERP setup and / or providing necessary training to the users. The primary benefit, of course, is the operational processes are smoothened as was expected from the ERP to begin with.

What do we do to help you?

We study & understand the problem areas that you face. After diagnosing the cause, we recommend the course correction – it may range from training to users, varying degree of changes to business processes to a complete overhaul of ERP, depending on the severity of the problem. We also participate & help you navigate through the journey of course correction either through our team of technological experts or through the team you have already appointed.

Are you struggling to optimize your pre-existing ERP?


Re-implementation of ERP for a leading Agri-tech Manufacturer

Bottlenecks caused in business processes due to ERP which significantly impacted critical operations like dispatch of shipments to customers.

Incorrect ERP implementation challenges

Unable to finalise the Balance Sheet in 8 months FY close Unable to provide requisite information to auditors from new ERP.

ERP System Design, Study & GAP Analysis for a Large Distributor

Company’s current systems were not able to match the scale and complexity of its operations which had multiple departments and business verticals

ERP Implementation for a Food Processing Company

Company’s legacy system did not cover key processes of company viz. production, inventory, and R&D Detailed study of business model