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ERP implementation

Being an ERP consulting services company we have observed that Implementing an ERP does not just mean changing the legacy systems - it is an opportunity for the organisation to transform its business operations increasing operational efficiency and gaining tangible insights. Our ERP implementation consultants have deep techno-functional expertise helping organisation realise the true potential of migrating to an ERP

How does this benefit you?

Designing a new system entails a mix of the functional expertise of the process and technological expertise. You get this expertise from our team who have successfully handled many automation projects between themselves.

What do we do for you?

Our team of professionals help you identify the need for automation, the areas where it can be beneficial and evaluate the process readiness for the same. Once this decision is made, we help you identify & document the functional requirements, design a robust system with good controls and one that helps in efficiency of operations. We either work through our team of technology professionals or the one engaged by you (whether externally or in-house).

Are you struggling for a perfect fit ERP?


Re-implementation of ERP for a leading Agri-tech Manufacturer

Bottlenecks caused in business processes due to ERP which significantly impacted critical operations like dispatch of shipments to customers.

Incorrect ERP implementation challenges

Unable to finalise the Balance Sheet in 8 months FY close Unable to provide requisite information to auditors from new ERP.

ERP System Design, Study & GAP Analysis for a Large Distributor

Company’s current systems were not able to match the scale and complexity of its operations which had multiple departments and business verticals

ERP Implementation for a Food Processing Company

Company’s legacy system did not cover key processes of company viz. production, inventory, and R&D Detailed study of business model